Shirakawa-Go And Gokayama: The Historic Villages of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama are one of Japan’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The site is located in the Shogawa river valley stretching across the border of Gifu and Toyama Prefectures in central Japan.  The Gokayama area is divid

Kaze No Bon Festival

Kaze No Bon: Kaze no Bon is a Japanese festival held every year from September 1 to 3. Kaze-no-Bon literally translates to “Bon Dance of the Wind.” This is a traditional folk event to appease the wind and pray for a bountiful crop, and is held every year for three days.  I


Toyama: Toyama is a prefecture along the Sea of Japan coast in the the Chubu Region. Prefectural capital is Toyama City. Toyama is the leading industrial prefecture on the Japan Sea coast, and has the industrial advantage of cheap electricity from abundant hydroelectric resources. It
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