Osaka: Osaka was formerly known as Naniwa. Before the Nara Period, when the capital used to be moved with the reign of each new emperor, Naniwa was once Japan’s capital city, the first one ever known. In the 16th century, Toyotomi Hideyoshi chose Osaka as the location for his ca

Kumi Odori

Kumiodori: Kumiodori is a Japanese performing art found on the Okinawa islands. It is based upon traditional Okinawan music and dance, but also incorporates elements from mainland Japan, such as Nogaku or Kabuki, as well as from China. Kumiodori dramas recount local historical events

Mibu No Hana Toui

Mibu No Hana Toui: Mibu no Hana Taue’ is an agricultural ritual to worship the deity of rice fields for an abundant harvest of rice crops. It is a social practice in which people pray for a safe production in agriculture. ‘Mibu no Hana Taue’ has been transmitted mainly by the people o
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