Okinawa is the southernmost prefecture of Japan. It comprises hundreds of the Ryukyu Islands in a chain which stretches over about one thousand kilometers from Kyushu to Taiwan.

Okinawa’s climate is subtropical, with temperatures barely falling below 15 degrees in winter. The seas surrounding Okinawa’s islands are considered among the world’s most beautiful with coral reefs and abundant marine wildlife.

The islands making up Okinawa Prefecture, are also known as the Ryukyu Islands, named after the native culture, which is distinctly different from that of the rest of Japan in terms of language, cuisine, arts, etc.


The first mention of the word Ryukyu was written in the Book of Sui. Okinawa was the Japanese word identifying the islands.For about 450 years, from the 15th to the 19th century, Okinawa prospered as the Kingdom of Ryukyu, a state independent of Japan’s central government. Since the islands are located at the eastern perimeter of the East China Sea relatively close to Japan, China and South-East Asia, the Ryukyu Kingdom became a prosperous trading nation. The Ryukyu Kingdom entered into the Imperial Chinese tributary system under the Ming dynasty beginning in the 15th century, which established economic relations between the two nations.

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Places Not To Miss:

Okinawa Island:

  • Shuri Castle: 
  • Churaumi Aquarium:
  • Sefa Utaki:
  • War Memorial:
  • Tamaudun Mausoleum:


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