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Kabuki is Japanese dance drama. Kabuki is translated as “The art of singing and dancing”, as each characters in kanji individually mean sing, dance and skill. Kabuki roots are traced back to the Edo period (1600 A.D) is still alive up till this day. Kubuki has a rich showmanship, elaborately designed costumes, eye catching make up, outlandish wigs and importantly the intense actions performed by the actors. Since it is an old form of Japanese is used in the show the actions and movement of actors on stage help and convey the message effortlessly.


Kabuki is performed only in specific theaters as it requires  dynamic stage sets  like revolving platform, trap doors and not to forget the unique feature like a footbridge that leads right through the audience. These features help in entrance of a character, random appearance and disappearance as well you could say that this adds the authenticity to the story.


Kabuki used to be acted by only women in the old days and later women were forbidden to practice Kabuki for certain reasons by Tokugawa Shogunate.Hence until present day it is performed exclusively by men. Therefore several male performers specialize in playing female roles.The audience sometimes shout out the names of the actors in order to cheer for them. Which is closely associated to theater troupe which he is from.


The stories that are portrayed are usually the historical events, warm hearted dramas, love stories and conflicts. Kabuki also involves live music performed using the traditional instruments. Ambiance aided by music creates a visually stunning and a spectacular performance.

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