Grand Sumo Tournament

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Sumo wrestling is one of the oldest culture alive in japan. Even though japan plays a number of sports like Baseball, Football, Soccer etc. Sumo wrestling is  the national sport of Japan.

Sumo wrestling has a history of centuries and is said to develop into it’s current state in the Edo period. the Sumos are called Rikishi and the one holding the highest rank claimes the title of Yokozuna. The fighters fight each other in a stage called the Dohyo. The fighters enter the Dohyo in the traditional appearance wearing the loincloth(Mawashi) and wear their hair in the top knot which was the common hairdo in the Edo period. Dohyo is considered sacred, before the sumos enter the ring they sprinkle the Salt on the Dohyo to purify it. The Sumo have a certain set of rules to follow regarding how to present themselves in the public. The Sumos are treated with utmost respect in Japan .


The six grand tournament are held  every year and they and the fights fought in these tournament are considered to change their ranks.The Sumos fight eachother not more than once in a tournament unless the match resulted in a tie. Every fight usually lasts not longer then a minute except the few exceptional once. The rules of the tournament have not been changed from the Edo period. The fighters enter the ring and stump their feet and sprinkle Salt to purify the ring. Then they match match each others movement as they lower their waist, widening their knees and once they touch the ground the referee begins the fight. The winner is declared once the wrestler is thrown out of the ring or one of their body part touches the ground other than their feet and with this the winner is decided.


The Sumo wrestling, even in these modern gives you a glimpse of the forgotten time which no longer exists and the sumos themselves are the leaving proof of  forgotten era from the pages of history.


If you’like to go check out the tournament the tickets will be available from April 9th in any convenient store in Tokyo.


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